Skills Drills Maps

Serpentine, Threadle, Wrap

Double box.

ARFF Days: 2017

April 15th

May 6th

June 3rd

July 8th

CO-OP Days: 2017

May 12th

June 9th

July 28th

Special Classes:

Upon Requests

Puppy Agility

Contact Obstacles

Weave Poles

Recall to Heel





Welcome to Team Sport of Agility



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Team Sport

Partnership (bond) between dog and handler


Of Agility:

Where the dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by following cues from the handler through a timed obstacle course..

Agility courses can consist of Jumps, Tunnels, Weave Poles, Chute, See-Saw, Dog-Walk, Table and A-Frame.




Team Sport of Agility

14221 West Highway 318

Williston, Fl. 32696